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Meet the families you help through your generous donations.

The Jessie’s Heart mission is to provide support for children with heart disease that reduces emotional, physical and financial stress for the family.


Your Donations Making a Difference


Meet Katie who was just 84 days old when she arrived at Children’s Hospital, Colorado. Tiny, frail Katie has spent most of her young life in the children’s intensive care unit. Like many of the cardiac patients at Children’s Hospital, Katie has complicated heart abnormalities requiring several surgeries. Her first procedure will require Katie to be hospitalized for at least another month. Additionally, Katie will require post-surgery follow-up mandating that she and her family remain close to the hospital for an extended period.

Katie and her family have traveled to Children’s Hospital, Colorado from out of state to receive the specialized care she needs to survive her congenital medical condition. While Katie receives lifesaving attention, her parents have found temporary employment in the Denver area to offset large expenses arising from being here with their daughter. Their temporary jobs barely provide enough income to cover their living expenses. Meanwhile, back home, Katie’s older sister is attending school and staying with relatives.

As if they didn’t already have enough to worry about, Katie’s parent’s vehicle recently broke down. Can you imagine suddenly becoming stranded in a strange town, your infant daughter hospitalized in the intensive care unit, and having no financial means to repair the only transportation source to visit your daughter and commute to work? Desperate, they turned to the social worker team member assigned to them at Children’s hospital for help. Happily, they were informed that a special fund, “Jessie’s Heart”, was available and willing to assist. Money from the charity was requested and authorized for the necessary auto repairs. Upon hearing this news, both parents expressed relief with tears of gratitude. The hospital family social worker expressed her own sense of gratitude to the donors of Jessie’s Heart – “It’s a special moment to watch patient’s families’ emotions turn from dark despair to rays of hope.” Thanks to Jessie’s Heart, families like Katie’s can breathe a little easier knowing that someone cares enough to help during times when help is needed most.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the personal identity of patients and their families.


Giving is always in Season

Although the year end holiday season is traditionally the time for giving to charities, the needs of people persist all year long.

Children’s Hospital, Colorado reports as of August 1st your contributions through Jessie’s Heart has helped 65 families in financial hardship year-to-date. In addition to your year end gifting goals, please consider a tax-deductible gift during the year as well.

Each dollar you donate provides hope and relief to families of children receiving care for heart conditions at Colorado area hospitals.

Thank you for your heart felt generosity.

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